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The Universal Vehicle did not contradict the basic teachings of the mendicants and their monastic vehicle, which we call comparatively the Individual Vehicle. There are the same Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha; the same Four Noble Facts, or Truths – suffering, origin, cessation, and path; the same three educations – ethical, intellectual, and psychological.

The basic difference is that the Individual Vehicle instructs persons on how to use these methods to seek their own liberation from suffering and enlightenment about reality without encouraging, or you could say pressuring, them to bring everyone else along with them.

The key element of the Mahayana is the compassion element.                

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Only indirectly did the Buddha hint to his Individual Vehicle disciples three things:

a) that nirvana as the ultimate reality is for sure the realest thing but would turn out, sadly, not to be an eternal separate state,