BAC political action

Sister District, for example,  If it’s not okay to put that Sister District information about candidates directly on the BAC website or newsletter, is it okay to put just a link to their website on the BAC site?  

For example:

Some organizations have lots of information about specific candidates and about their strategy of phone-banking and post card writing to support down-ballot races for state legislative office. They make the assumption that candidates in the down-ballot races will have ‘reverse coat-tails’ – meaning that if a voter pays attention to supporting a candidate in a local race, they will naturally be paying attention to the federal level races at the top of the ticket also.

Bhikkhu Bodhi


Must win the swing states that gave dump the electoral college win:

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan.

Need to win the additional swing states that are the margin of safety:

Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada.